We have set up a centre for art, design & nature, a place to stimulate your senses, to make people aware of all the artistic beauty nature has to offer and of the influence nature has on art. Just outside Crayke we spotted an ideal location for our idea.

So what is going on at Dutch house?
A café with an arts & crafts shop. A diverse mix of art from local artists is for sale or just there for you to enjoy whilst having a cup of tea. In the café you can enjoy real Dutch specialities (pancakes, stroopwafels, etc) The courtyard offers comfortable seating and displays sculptures and plants. The whole setting is surrounded by an ecological sculpture garden, a perfect place to unwind, learn about ecological gardening and admire the cohesion between art and nature. There will be a kids nature zone in the garden. In the large art studio we offer a variety of courses/workshops involving art & nature, give lectures on specific topics, organise exhibitions and ‘after school’ projects / kids' clubs / children's parties! We will also offer Holiday experiences, involving art or nature. For example: wildlife sketching, field painting trip on the moors, garden tours, etc.

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September 17, 2010

Grow patterns

On the weekend of 14th and the 15th of August Dutch House hosted a fabulous two day drawing work shop by Anna Poulton. The workshop Grow Pattern focussed on a mixed media combination of drawing, printing, sketching of natural forms, structures, textures and colours.
Our art studio was transformed into a giant still life of flowers, branches, leaves entwined with lights and colourful drapes. On the end of the second day the sketches, drawings and prints where put together in individual collages. Participants where all very pleased with there end work. Anna is a self driven inspirational artist who has managed to create her unique way of working. Her direct relation with the natural world creates an ultimate awareness of it s detailed beauty.

August 21, 2010

Spotted Fly Catcher

We are thrilled with the discovery of a nesting Spotted Fly Catcher here at the Dutch House. This rare bird, at the moment on the Red list according to the RSPD, has nested in the wall of the art studio. The birds return to the same nest every year to lay there eggs. The male is usually absent in hatching the young birds, apparently because he has more than one wife......... We have hardly seen the male, and the female was often off the nest. This gave us a good chance to look at the eggs and in a later stadium at the young chicks. There are four chicks in total, and they are growing rapidly. The nest is getting really crowded (picture). Last week the young finally have left the nest. We feel proud to have been able to witness there first steps in the natural world.

May 17, 2010

First course has been a blast!

We would like to thank all participants of our first art course ever at Dutch house. Stuart and Anna have done a fantastic job in tutoring an enthusiastic group. Their course in Raku proved to be a winner with a lot of smiling faces and some great results to take home.
The Raku course ran over two half days and combines 3 elements together; earth, fire, and water. The group really got into it, and some had a go at getting involved in the firing process others enjoyed making medallions, bowls, and jewellery.

May 06, 2010

Opening Weekend was a great succes!

Our opening weekend was a great success. We welcomed lots of visitors and all 3 days it was a vibrant site. We hope everybody who visited us had a good time and will be back to see us again.
We have a fantastic range of workshops and courses on offer, as well as lot's of children's activities. You can find it all on our website!

Thank you all for coming!

April 30, 2010

It is Saturday May 1st:
Opening weekend!

Still a few bits and pieces to do before we open in 3 hours...
At 10am we open the doors to Dutch house!
Come and enjoy some great artistic activities and yummie stroopwafels, poffertjes or pancakes.

Hope to see you soon!

April 26, 2010

Website live!

The new website is live now and contains all the detailed info about our 3-day programme for Opening weekend. Over the next few days we will keep adding information to the site to complete it as soon as possible. A full course/workshop list will be online this week, so please do check regularly for new updated info.